Visa Service

A visa is an official legal document which is used for travelling to abroad countries. It is stamped into the bearer’s passport. Visa is a small document which includes your name, date of birth, passport number, where you are travelling or reason for travelling and expiry date.

The policy of a Visa :
Visa policy states about who can enter or who cannot enter the country
Passport holders of another country cannot enter the country without a visa
Some visa policies are bilateral which means that the two countries citizens can travel to each others country visa-free but it's not always the same
When determining visa policies, there are not many hard and fast rules for countries. Although, it can include typical consideration such as relations with the other country or any illegal immigration from the country

Types of Visa :
There are different types of visa, people use for travelling to abroad countries such as
Work Visa
Student Visa
Working Holiday Visa
Transit Visa
Immigrant Vs. Nonimmigrant Visa
Travel/Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Refugee/Asylum Visa
Spousal Visa


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What part of the visa services do we handle?

➔ Checking and validating the application form
➔ Checklist of important information
➔ Biometrics Check
➔ Document validation
➔ Mock Interview
➔ Submission of Document and Visa issuance

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