Passport Service

A passport is an essential document if you travel abroad for studies, tourism, family visit or business purposes. The procedure of obtaining a passport consumes months even on a regular follow up.

The Government of India issues different types of passport and travel documents under the Passport Act 1967.

Fresh : You can apply for the first time passport if you haven’t one. Our passport expert team can help you submit your documents at a precise time and can get you a new fresh passport.

Re-issue : You can request for the reissue of an existing passport for the following reasons :
➔ Change in existing personal details
➔ Expiration of validity within 3 years or due to expiration
➔ Expiration of validity more than 3 years ago
➔ Exhaustion of pages
➔ Damaged passport in any form
➔ Lost/Misplaced passport

Normal Passport : It is a procedure of applying for any type of passport which can take approximately 10-20 days for completing the entire process.


Tatkal : It is a procedure of applying for any type of passport which takes less than 3 days for the procedure period.

Lost or Damaged : Lost and damaged passports can be procured by this process. Passport is considered damaged if the passport number and name are not readable, the photograph is not clear or non-recognized, washed out, torn visibly damaged.

Minor or Senior Citizen : Minor/Senior citizens who require fresh or re-issue passports can apply through this quick and simpler process.

NRI and ECNR passports : As per the Emigration Act 1983, certain types of Indian passport holders require to obtain "Emigration Clearance" from the Protector of Emigrants office (POE) for going to certain countries

Indian passports are divided into two categories as follows :
Passports with endorsement - Emigration Check Required (ECR)
Passports with endorsement - Emigration Check Not Required (ECNR)
ECR is for the safety of Indian citizens due to the legal conditions of other countries and is based on various circumstances.

Required documents for Passport :
Date of birth proof
Proof of Residence
Voter ID with present address
Aadhaar card

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