Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is an important document with a record of the birth of a person. As per the law since 1965, registration of births has been made compulsory as per the provisions of Registration of Births & Deaths Act. The Government of India issued the birth certificates and also by the concerned municipality. There are some specific rules which can be varied by the state, region and the municipality. Birth registration should be done within 21 days of its occurrence (child born date).

Benefits of Birth certificates :

A birth certificate is the first step towards the establishment of the identity of a child or a person. It is required for various purposes throughout your life such as
Admission in school
For obtaining a passport
Driving licence
Voter card
As proof at the time of employment
For the purpose of enrolment in the electoral purpose
For insurance purposes
A document which proves your age


To obtain birth certificates from various places in Bangalore such as :

17 sub-health offices
Bangalore Mahanagara Palike larger the designated clinic
Government hospitals
The Corporation's main office

What is the required information for the birth certificates in Bangalore?

Name of the Father, Age and Occupation
Name of the Mother
Date of Birth
Sex of Child
Place of Birth (Name of Hospital & Address, Name of Nursing Home & Address, At home and Address)
Residential address at the time of Birth

Birth Certificates Summarisations :

* If childbirth has taken place in a house so the head of the house or nearest relative head of the house or oldest person in the family can go for the registration of a child.
* When birth took place in a Sadar Hospital/Sub-Divisional Hospital/Medical College Hospital/Referral Hospital - Deputy Superintendent of the hospitals and officers In-charge of referral hospital and PHCs. This can be followed in the case of the birth of a child has taken place outside of the house.
* If the birth takes place in Maternity Home and other like Institution: Medical officer In-charge can inform the birth of a child to the concerned registrar and can obtain birth certificates and hand it over to the child’s parent.
* In a Jail: Jail In-charge will be responsible for informing the event.
* In a Dharamshala, Boarding House etc: Person In-charge will be responsible to inform

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